With a burning passion for creative design, Fleeting Art Studio was created by UK artist Louise Goalby. All work is created with love and dedication in her home studio as a self-employed artist, with many inspirations from her love for animals and mother nature to fantasy and popular culture.


I'd always loved creating. When I was a child, I was never far away from a sketchbook, and used to spend hours in my family's garden, desperately trying to sketch the cat before she could run away. I enjoyed pencil sketching, but that love grew and I began to delve into other mediums - acrylic, watercolour, digital painting, chalk pastels, charcoal. When I was 14, I started to experiment in the realm of digital art, buying my first graphics tablet and having terrible results! I never took art at GCSE, only taking it later at A Level, but it was always drilled into me that art could only ever be a hobby, nothing more. I kept it as that for years while my digital art painting skills constantly grew, and it stayed a little 'quirk' of mine, that I hate to say, but I began to neglect due to pressures of a busy life.

After a tragic event in 2016, the sudden loss of my brother, James Goalby, my outlook on life changed drastically. Distancing myself from the pressures and lifestyle I had previously devoted myself to, leaving my city job and searching desperately for something of meaning.

Fleeting Art Studio was born out of this. An escape, a focus, and a passion. The beauty of nature, the gentleness and love that is so evident within animals and the landscape around us. The colours, the lights. To be able to paint freely, to engage the creative process and the dynamism which comes with each piece, from start to finish. And to be able to share all this with the world is just a fantastic feeling.

I wouldn't be doing this without James. I wouldn't have the IT knowledge, or the drive to succeed knowing how proud he would be of me each day. I wish I could have found that drive within me before, so I could have helped give him a path in life, an escape he so desperately needed.

I will keep painting for the rest of my life.